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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Oct 27, 2021

Health insurance is an essential aspect in recruiting and retaining employees as well as sustaining productivity and employee happiness in a small business. In today’s episode, we have a distinguished guest, John Butler, joining us to take a deep dive into what business owners should know about health insurance. John is a national C-suite health benefits consultant, strategic coach, and the author of “Health Insurance Sucks,” the number one ranking book on Amazon in its category. Throughout this episode, John shares his insights on how businesses can reduce the cost of the health insurance they provide to their employees.

[02:22] John’s background - John shares his journey and what inspired him to write the book “Health Insurance Sucks.”

[05:25] Healthcare Costs - John explains his observations and findings on numerous methods to reduce healthcare costs.

[07:05] PEO - John describes how small businesses can benefit from Professional Employer Organizations.

[08:20] Custom Plan Solutions - With a comprehensive analysis, John points out how a custom health plan assures the highest quality service with a reasonable cost.

[18:56] Insurance Companies and Brokers – John talks about the relationship between insurance companies and brokers, and shares his thoughts from the perspective of each party.

[34:15] Federal Requirements - John explores the federal requirements and penalties related to employees’ health plans.

[38:54] Health Sharing Programs – John emphasizes the significance of health sharing programs.

[48:28] Current Social Context – The healthcare insurance industry consists of many complex layers. John shares his take on the healthcare plans in the current social context.



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