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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Mar 13, 2024

Welcome to another mailbag episode.

It’s not a surprise that the value of bond funds has gone down with the high interest rates in the past couple of years. But is it a good enough reason to dump your bond funds over it? In this mailbag questions episode, we discuss PIMCO Total Return Instl.., the risks of dumping your bond funds, debt payments, and more.

[03.34] Total return fund – Starting the conversation, Grant talks about the PIMCO Total Return Instl. and its status in recent years.

[07.21] Bond funds – Things to consider about bond funds.

[14.00] Risks – Grant explains why it’s not a good idea to dump your bond funds just because they had a bad couple of years.

[20.00] Paying off debts– Grant explains why it’s not a good idea to take out all your bond funds and pay off your debts.

[30.40] Great Depression – Grant tells a story about one of his clients and explains why taking out money and paying off debts can work for some people.



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