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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

May 27, 2020

Recently we have been observing that investment opportunities in the real estate market have become an area of interest for a lot of people. Grant is here today to review the current state of the real estate market and some of the things you should keep in mind if you are interested in real estate investment opportunities. Toward the end of the episode, we talk about the future of the commercial real estate industry. 

[01:18] It’s a Popular Idea – What makes real estate investments attractive to investors.  

[05:17] The Current State – Grant talks about an interesting conversation he had with a real estate professional. He also reviews how the current situation is different from the 2008 mortgage crisis.

[11:30] The Math of Investing in a Property – Return on investment, expenses, taxes, and other things you should take into account when you plan on investing in real estate.

[14:33] Tax Benefits – Real estate investments can give you a significant advantage in taxation. Grant explains different types of tax benefits that are specific to the real state arena and how to calculate the tax benefits on a property.

[19:14] Rent & ROI – How the rental for a property can affect the ROI over a long period.

[22:55] 1031 Exchange – How you can take advantage of the 1031 tax code to stabilize your ROI of a real estate investment.

[26:42] Commercial Real Estate – Grant shares his take on the future of the commercial real estate industry and how it will be affected by the recent trend of working remotely.

[29:03] Real Estate Investment Trust – Grant reviews two easy ways to invest in real estate, along with the pros and cons of each of them.



REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust:

Non-traded REITs:

IRS Fact Sheet - 1031 Exchange: