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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Apr 6, 2022

The world of crypto is full of amazing new innovations. In today’s episode of Grow Money Business, we’re exploring an interesting crypto-based platform that enables people who possess appreciated crypto assets to donate their crypto assets to non-profit organizations while receiving tax benefits. Pat Duffy, a co-founder of The Giving Block, joins us today to talk about their story and how their platform is connecting crypto donors with non-profit organizations.


[03:14] The Giving Block – We start the conversation with a brief look at what Pat’s company, The Giving Block, does and how it helps donors and non-profits with donations.

[07:10] The Process – Pat walks us through the process of what happens when someone interested in crypto gifting signs up with The Giving Block.

[10:00] Donor Advised Funds – The process of donating via a Donor Advised Fund with the help of The Giving Block.

[16:33] Why Crypto? – Pat shares his take on some of the reasons why non-profit organizations may want to take crypto assets as donations.

[19:05] Barriers – Some of the challenges non-profit organizations face when starting to accept crypto donations.

[27:30] Getting Traction – Pat shares with us what it was like at the beginning of his service and what it took to get enough traction for the service.

[31:30] Business Model – Pat shares with us how the business model of the Giving Block works and some of the areas the platform will be expanding into in the near future.

[36:52] Managing Growth – Pat dives into their strategy of managing their growth.

[42:54] Shift4 – The Giving Block recently got acquired by the payment processing solutions company, Shift4. Pat shares what opportunities and possibilities this acquisition will open up.

[49:10] Tips for Donating – Pat shares some advice for those who own crypto assets and want to make a crypto donation.



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