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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Apr 20, 2022

Estate Planning is crucial step in ensuring that your legacy is passed on in the way that you intended it to be. However, necessity often comes with complexity, and there are many unique circumstances that require a different course of action. Today’s guest, Tom Sannicandro, is a practicing attorney in the state of Massachusetts and an expert on Special Needs Trusts. For the last two decades, he has concentrated his legal practice on estate planning for families with disabilities or special needs children. Throughout the episode, Tom shares his wisdom and explains how he helps his clients in an underrepresented sector of estate planning.


[02:54] Tom's Journey – Tom shares why he switched his legal practice from corporate law to disability law.

[11:48] Asset Protection - Tom shares his perspective on asset protection related to individuals with disabilities.

[18:16] Finding a Trustee – Appointing a trustee for a special needs trust entails a great deal of confidence. Tom stresses the importance of selecting a suitable person to manage the trust.

[21:40] Special Needs Trust – Tom shares how he assists his clients, and what the process for setting up a special needs trust through his website looks like.

[36:08] ABLE Account – Tom discusses the functionality of a ABLE account.

[41:25] Letter of Intent – Tom and Grant discuss the purpose of a Letter of Intent.

[44:09] Medical Support vs. Financial Support – Tom shares his perspective on having an individual assisting with medical decisions simultaneously serving as the trustee.

[46:57] Future Work – Tom shares his future goals, and how he intends to continue serving his clients.


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