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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Jun 22, 2022

Historically, if you wanted to purchase a private investment, you had to qualify under the SEC’s standards as an accredited investor. After 2012, certain regulatory modifications made private investments accessible to non-accredited investors. This week our guest is Craig Cecilio - CEO and cofounder of DiversyFund Inc. DiversyFund is a crowdfunding platform that enables everyday investors to generate wealth by democratizing alternative asset investment.

[03:36] Background - Craig explains what caused the regulatory changes that opened up private investments to non-accredited investors.

[11:37] More Opportunities – Craig shares his thoughts on why opening up investments makes the most sense.

[15:16] Craig's Story – Craig describes how his real estate investing background led to the founding of DiversyFund, Inc.

[27:28] Best Practices – Craig shares some important considerations when it comes holding or selling properties.

[29:18] Communication Cycle – Craig describes what it's like to report to 30,000 investors and how he considers their needs when making decisions.

[35:29] Communication Transparency – Craig stresses the significance of transparent communication.

[39:26] Process – Craig outlines the steps required to acquire his company's services.

[43:43] New Strategies – In addition to expanding geographically within the multifamily industry, Craig reveals his plans to offer new and alternative strategies.

[46:19] Lifecycle of Funds – Craig shares when it makes sense to collect money from investors in relation to the lifecycle of the funds.

[48:32] Challenges – Craig discusses the most challenging aspects of business expansion.


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