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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Jul 5, 2023

This week’s episode of Grow Money Business features Lee Phillips. Lee is a US Supreme Court counselor and Federal Tax Court attorney, specializing in asset protection using business structures like LLCs. He is the founder of LegaLees Corp., a company specializing in solving asset protection and tax problems for high-net-worth individuals. He has delivered over 3,000 event speeches across the United States, Canada, and the Pacific Rim as one of the country's most captivating and energetic presenters. More than a million people have benefited from his assistance in understanding the law and using it to increase income and safeguard assets. Join us as we dive into the genesis of LLCs in the United States, legal principles that originated in Europe in the 1400s, how they apply in today’s context, and what we should look into when protecting assets.

[02:26] Lee’s journey – Lee shares his journey to becoming a Federal Tax Court Attorney.

[12:37] Asset protection – Lee explains the reason behind having an asset protection plan.

[19:24] The charging order – Grant and Lee dive into the story of the charging order.

[33:30] LLC for real estate – Lee explains why we cannot manage the extreme number of LLCs in the real estate industry.

[42:27] LegalZoom – Lee shares his opinion on utilizing LegalZoom.