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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Apr 29, 2020

In the past few episodes, we asked you to leave your questions in the mailbag page of our website. We dedicated this episode to answering your questions in depth.  For today’s episode, Grant covers questions about rebalancing your investment portfolio, taking advantage of small-cap value stocks, and investing in gold.

Question 01: “The markets are really volatile right now. I know that it’s important to rebalance my portfolio periodically. Given that stocks and bond values are bouncing around so much right now, is now a good time to rebalance? Or should I wait until volatility goes back down?”

[03:22] The Theory Behind Rebalancing – Why rebalancing your portfolio is important, and the process of assessing your portfolio for balance.

[07:50] ETFs and Mutual Funds – How rebalancing works differently in exchange-traded funds and mutual funds.

[12:36] Challenges – Challenging situations you might have to face when you rebalance your portfolio and tips for getting a better outcome.

Question 02: “Small-cap value is something that you’ve mentioned several times recently. Why do you think this is a good opportunity? And how would you go about taking advantage of it?”

[15:53] Value & Growth – How stocks are categorized as value and growth and characteristics of the two types of stock.

[18:27] Valuation Measures – Measures for evaluating whether a stock is expensive or cheap.

[24:53] Observations – Grant reviews what historical data tell us about the performance of growth stocks and value stocks.

[32:01] Taking Advantage of Small-cap Value – How you can adjust your investment strategy to take advantage of small-cap value stocks.

Question 03:Is now a good time to invest in gold? Especially with the markets being so volatile.

[33:35] Investing in Gold – The pros and cons of investing in gold and other precious metals, and why Grant won’t recommend it to clients.



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