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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Dec 9, 2020

In recent months, mortgage interest rates have been significantly reduced across the country. Although it may sound like an attractive opportunity for people considering buying a house, there are several complexities related to homeownership. In today’s episode, we’re joined with Kelly Luethje to explore the true cost of homeownership. Kelly is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and the founder of Willow Planning Group. Throughout the episode, Kelly shares her wisdom on the complexities of homeownership and what we should consider before buying a house.

[02:19] Kelly’s Background – Kelly talks about her work and how she helps young professionals with their financial decisions related to housing.

[04:40] Homeownership & Renting – Things to consider when deciding between homeownership and renting.

[09:17] Costs Involved in Homeownership – Kelly reviews some of the homeownership related costs that are different from a  rental.

[19:41] Common Mistakes – Kelly shares some of the most common mistakes she sees people make when buying their first home and how to avoid them.  

[24:18] Kelly’s Experience of Moving – Kelly recently moved to a new home in a different area. She shares what she experienced during the transition in terms of costs, lifestyle, and how it shaped her professional life.

[28:42] Selling a Property – Grant and Kelly dive into what you should consider when deciding whether to sell your old property or rent it out.

[35:08] Kelly’s Practice – Kelly shares her career journey, the story of her business, and the work she does with her clients.

[40.50] Investor Relations – Kelly talks about her work in investor relations and the experience of working with investors and teams of professionals.



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