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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Dec 21, 2021

There is a common misconception that successful entrepreneurship exists only for younger individuals. This week on the podcast, Rick Terrien shares why we should challenge that thought process. Rick, a long-term entrepreneur and author, shares how he has dedicated his time to assisting others with launching a business in their second half of life. Throughout the episode, we dive deep into the essentials of entrepreneurship and crucial information that will give you inspiration and guidance along the way.


[02:29] Rick’s Journey - Rick talks about his work and the latest events in his life.

[09: 56] Age and Entrepreneurship - Rick shares his views on the correlation between age and business.

[11:47] Initial Steps - Rick discusses how to think about the initial organizing steps of a business.

[12:59] Important Facts - Rick explains a few essential facts that need to be considered in entrepreneurship, especially when you’re considering starting a new business venture in the second half of your life.

[17:43] Non-Profit Work - Rick shares the non-profit work he currently engages in and his purpose of doing that.

[31:20] Impact of Covid - Covid has changed a lot in people’s lives. Rick expresses his thoughts about how it has affected the occupations.

[33:48] Ageless Startup - Rick talks about his recently published book, Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age.

[40:34] Common Mistakes - Rick highlights several critical mistakes many entrepreneurs make in their business ventures and how to avoid these mistakes.


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