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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Dec 29, 2021

Possessing the ownership of the building in which your business is based can be a significant source of income for a business. This week on Grow Money Business we have a distinguished guest whi educates physician owners and investors on healthcare real estate investment opportunities. Trisha Talbot is the Managing Principal of Doc Properties, through which she supports healthcare practitioners in maximizing the economic worth of their real estate holdings on which they conduct business. Throughout this week's episode of Grow Money Business, we delve into numerous aspects of purchasing and constructing the building in which your firm operates.

[02.42] Trisha's Background - Trisha narrates her journey so far. Also, she explains the work she carries out through her business.

[06:56] Transfer Tenant Improvements - Trisha discusses numerous points to consider when transferring tenant improvements into a new location.

[08:55] Patient Base - Trisha emphasizes the importance of the patient base while determining the best location for a medical practice.

[11:00] Types of Buildings - Mentioning the significance of real estate supply, Trisha explains numerous types of buildings.

[16.35] Commercial Property Asset Prices - Trisha talks about commercial real estate asset values. Furthermore, she shares her viewpoint of them as investments.

[21.29] Lease Terms - There are numerous critical factors to consider when filling out lease conditions. Trisha highlights some of them.

[26:44] Construction - Trisha discusses the advantages and disadvantages of constructing the buildings by approaching numerous aspects.

[44:38] Role of Landlords - Sharing her thoughts on tax benefits caused by owning the building, Trisha speaks about the role of the landlords.

[51:59] Common Mistakes - Trisha points out several instances where physicians and others are getting themselves into problems in purchasing and constructing buildings these days.

[55:59] Final Advice - Trisha delivers her final comments to business owners considering acquiring a building for use in their business.


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