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Grow Money Business with Grant Bledsoe

Sep 2, 2020

Since Apple, Tesla, and a few other companies have recently announced stock splits, we’ve been getting questions about how stock splits affect the position of the investors. And for today’s episode, we have another distinguished guest to enlighten us about stock splits. Michal Skowronski, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and the founder of Skylark Wealth joins us today to review what stock splits are, why companies tend to like it, and what investors should know about stock splits.  Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where we talk about the impact of influencers giving financial advice on social media.

[02:00] Michal’s Background – How Michal works with clients nationwide and abroad through his virtual practice.

[07:30] What is a Stock Split? – Michal explains what a stock split is and a few reasons why a company may decide to split their stocks.

[12:04] The Marketing Aspect of Stock Splits – Grant and Michal review the marketing concept that makes stock splits appealing to companies.

[18:56] Reverse Stock Splits – What a reverse stock split is and the pros and cons of reverse stock splits.

[22:21] Psychological Effects of Stock Splits – How stock splits affect the behavior of the investors and what you should keep in mind to maintain a strong investment strategy.

[28:40] Social Media & Investing – Michal shares his take on the flawed investment strategies that are frequently advertised on social media and why these flashy, aggressive strategies may not achieve good outcomes in the long term.

[38:13] Risks of Investing – Why risky investment strategies may seem attractive to amateur investors, where they may fail, and what you can do to maintain your mental stability to make successful investment decisions.

[41:01] Influencers & Investing – Grant and Michal share their thoughts on how some influencers have been sharing potentially misleading content on social media and why they get more attention than financial advice from qualified professionals.

[45:20] Knowledge & Entertainment – How financial professionals can utilize technology to create reliable and entertaining content that leads people in the right direction.



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